Wines by the Bottle


Wines by the Batch:

On Premise Do-It-Yourself wine making.  Purchase wine by the batch (30 bottles) Make your own personal wine.  Tailor it to your taste. Personalize your label.

The Gilded Grape Winery, which initially functioned only as an hobby shop, was created with the wine enthusiast in mind.

Through the years, with knowledge and research, our team has selected quality wines for your pleasure and enjoyment.  The experience starts with the purchase of the wine-making kit which contains the juice from the specified grape and all ingredients you need to make 30 bottles of wine.  Our wines are also very, very low in sulfides.  At the Gilded Grape, the wine-making process takes six to eight weeks depending on the wine you are making.  When completed, we’ll help you bottle your wine for you to enjoy.

During the summer of 2010, we obtained our alcohol and beverage license, which allows us to manufacture and sell our fabulous wine by the bottle.  We are currently selling a variety of red, white, fruit and dessert wines.

We feel certain your appreciation of wine will be enhanced after you taste our delectable selection of wines.